Day: February 18, 2021


By Jon Stover on February 18, 2021 in Uncategorized

Greetings, praying friends and family,
As many of you have probably heard, Texas is experiencing historic lows and record snowfall. When the Northeast is >50°F warmer than Texas, you know it is pretty bad weather. We are surviving “Snovid,” as we have taken to calling it, but it has been rough the last couple of days. God has been good, though, and we want to praise Him for it. We were fortunate to get our car repaired before the snowfall began, but not before our trip down to visit friends from Odenton who moved out here. Our friends Kate and Todd Stowe, whom we are staying with, allowed us to borrow a car, which was a huge blessing. We had a great time with the Richards and Aurands, and we thank Pastor Webster and Ambassador Baptist Church for allowing us to present on such short notice. We were also able to schedule a couple of meetings from the churches we visited. God has been good. We did, however, have to reschedule the meeting from this past Sunday. Again, we never would have expected cancellations due to snow in Texas. With temperatures below 0°F, many people, including our hosts, lost power and water. However, their Sunday School teacher still had power and a spare room, so we were able to keep Simeon warm and comfortable. Thank you, Bro. Terry and Miss Lenda; you were a true blessing to us, and we know God will bless you for it. We are praying that “Snovid” won’t prevent us from keeping our final meeting this coming Sunday in Vernon, TX. Please pray with us to that regard. It is suppose to warm up starting today, and get up to the fifties tomorrow, so we anticipate that the snow will melt and not be an issue for Sunday, Lord willing.
We will be heading back to Odenton for meetings in the Northeast this Tuesday (Kate’s birthday is Monday, so we are staying to celebrate). Pray that we have good weather and safe travels back.