About Us Our Burden

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

1 Timothy 2:3-4

Germany is one of the hardest fields on the planet. It has been declared by a number of newspapers as “The Most Godless Place on Earth.” Without the help of God’s Holy Spirit, we will fail. However, we believe God is ready to do great things in Germany! Below is our vision (long-term), our goals, (short-term), and our plan (immediate) to be used of God in His harvest.

Our Vision

  • We endeavor to reach as many people with the gospel as possible. This is the main calling of a missionary.
  • We want to challenge churches to be busy with the task of missions while we are on deputation.
  • We desire to plant strong and active churches in eastern Germany which we can place under the authority of God-called national pastors and which will send out missionaries of their own. This is the method we see used by Paul, and we believe it is the way God desires missions to be done.
  • If God allows, we would like to open a youth camp to reach the children and teens of Germany. Satan is actively targeting them to reject God in their youth. A youth camp will allow us to remove them from the influence of a godless society as well as reach them before their hearts are hardened.

Our Goal

Our current goal is to be field-ready at the beginning of 2021 and to depart by summer. We expect to fill our schedule for this year and all of 2020, and are praying that God would allow us to share our burden for the lost with church partners that will pray and lovingly support us.

In Germany, we are looking to partner with a veteran missionary for our first-term while we acquire a better grasp of the language and culture. We are in contact with a few veteran missionaries, and are currently planning a survey trip for 2020 to visit with them and discuss the possibilities of partnering together. We know God will place us with the right missionaries that we can bless.

We feel that God has called us to the region of eastern Germany. There are a few cities that we are currently praying over: Rostock, Leipzig, and others, but we are also seeking the advice of our missionary contacts on locations that need a good church planted.

Our Plan

In order to gather together as many prayer partners as possible, we plan to contact about thirty churches a week to establish meetings throughout each year. We also plan to be diligent in outreach and study during and in between meetings. Ideally, we look to schedule meetings together in the same vicinity; however, we will take whatever meetings that God gives, regardless of location.

Once on the field, depending on the location that God calls us to, we seek to reach at least 1000 doors each week, with at least 200 conversations with people. We will use every avenue, from door-to-door outreach to street preaching to English Bible studies, to saturate our community with the Gospel of Christ. We also plan to further our study of the language to develop mastery of the language, enrolling in a language school on the field.