Our Field “The Most Godless Place on Earth”?

There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.

Romans 3:11

It is a bold statement to claim that eastern Germany is the most godless place on earth. However, it is not a claim that originates with us. In 2012, NORC and the university of Chicago did a study on religions across a number of nations and age groups. According to this study, eastern Germany had the highest percentage of people of atheistic belief and among the lowest percentage of people who believe in a god, regardless of which one. More notably, the study was unable to find even a single individual under 28 who would agree with the statement: “I am certain God exists.” The results of this study led several newspapers (The Guardian and Die Welt [a German newspaper]) to label Germany with the moniker “The most godless place on earth.”

Whether Germany is truly the most godless place or isn’t is not the point of the declaration, but rather it is to demonstrate the stark and fervent beholdance to atheism. Germany is not a “Christian” country, as many would claim. Germany’s youth are being proselytized in materialism. Berlin is widely regarded as the atheist’s capital in Europe. Many, many of the people there are ardent in their belief that there is no God. We must pray in earnest that God will restore the country and the people to His name, that it would no more be godless, but godly! God will do great things if God’s people will pray!