Updates Prayer Letter

Ye see how large a letter I have written unto you with mine own hand.

Galatians 6:11


March – April 2021

After a winter that was not what we expected, we were glad to get back home for a change of pace. It was nice to keep our schedule again. Our meetings kept us close to home, which gave us some time to fellowship with church friends. We love our Odenton family and appreciate all that they do for us. We also appreciate the churches we visited that treated us like family! We felt so much love these months, and our prayer is that God will bless them for it!

Our meetings since March have taken us to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and, of course, Maryland. As I said, we felt like family with you all, and we were truly blessed by being there! Thank you so much. There is far too much to mention in the space that we have in this brief letter, and words cannot begin to express our gratitude. We have also seen God doing great work in your midst, and we pray that it continues!

It was our prayer to reach 25 supporting churches and 50% support by the end of the winter. We did not reach that goal, unfortunately; however, we rejoice for the support God did bring to us! In the last two months, we had six churches take us on for support and are now just about 45%, even after an adjustment to our budget to account for Simeon and several other things we hadn’t thought about. God has been so good to us, and we praise Him for all He has done! Thank you for all of your prayers for us! Please continue to pray that God would prosper our deputation and speed us on our way to Germany!

We now begin our two major circuits of the United States these next two months. May sees us traveling to Arizona via Illinois and Oklahoma, then back around to Texas and Florida. A very quick stop of a doctor’s appointment in June completes one trip, but we leave again the same day to travel to Illinois for a seminar with our mission board. From there, we head to Nebraska and the Midwest before circling down south in July. It will be many long miles, but we are excited to present in more churches through the summer. We do have a few gaps in our calendar and would appreciate your prayers regarding filling them.

Praise the Lord for keeping our family safe and healthy! There were a couple of scares during the last two months, but our great Physician saw that nothing came of them. We are very grateful for Simeon’s helmet. He is all boy, and with him being more mobile now, it has cushioned him from some, otherwise, severe knocks. We are still praying for Lena’s residency card; it has not come yet and we don’t know when it will. God has the heart of the king in His hands and all the government servants, too. We know that it will happen in God’s time, but pray that it would come quickly. We also ask prayer for Germany to reopen to American travelers.

In Christ,
Jon and Olena Stover