Day: June 25, 2020

Out sowing again

By Jon Stover on June 25, 2020 in Quick Update

Greetings, prayer friends and family,

It was good to get back out on the streets and talk to people about Jesus again! With this last round of churches, I had the opportunity to go out on visitation with some of the pastors. It is still a marvel to me that people, even when they see the truth and have no arguments against it, how they fight against and deny God! All the more reason to sow the seed and reach the lost, for their ears are growing dim, but there are still those that will here. Pray, pray for those lost souls in Germany, and for the lost souls in Indianapolis, Shelbyville, IN, and Council Bluff, Iowa. May they have another chance to hear the gospel before it is too late.
Our meetings this month have been with churches of small number, but God is good! I enjoyed getting to minister to the churches of Fountain Square Baptist Church (Indianapolis), Eastern Hills Baptist Church (Council Bluff), and Victorious Life Baptist Church (Shelbyville). The people were very friendly, and it is with God to work through the many or the few. God supplies for us, and He can do so with a church of few just and He can with a church of many.
My travels have been uneventful; thank you so much for your prayers. I am ready to get back home to see my Beloved! We have been apart now for nearly three weeks, but my heart aches to see her again. Thank you for praying for us; without the comfort of the Lord during this time, it would have been unbearable. We have one more meeting in Michagan before I can get back to her, though. Please pray that God would use us at First Baptist Church in Westland this Sunday.
Lena is doing well, but she is feeling the pregnancy now. She is now into the third trimester; just a little more to go before the baby is here! However, her energy goes quickly, and it is hard for her because she is used to doing a lot. Pray that she would have the energy she needs to do the things she wants. Thank you for your continued prayers for her and the baby; so far, none of the complications that the doctors have been worried about have happened, but please continue to pray. We can see God’s hand of protection keeping us.
That is all I have for the moment. Keep praying the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers!