Day: April 14, 2020

April doldrums

By Jon Stover on April 14, 2020 in Quick Update

Greetings, praying friends and family,

Praise the Lord for the risen Savior! Even with all of the uncertainty of the hour, Christ’s resurrection is certain. To summarize the new developments, Maryland is now under stay-at-home orders, all of our April meetings have cancelled, and we are holding out for May to see if they will have to cancel or if things start to reopen by then. Fortunately, we had some local meetings and were at our home church when all of the lockdowns were starting. Praise the Lord that we weren’t halfway across the country!
God has been using us here as well. Since we are under stay-at-home orders, and our “home” is on the church property, we are able to help Pastor with some aspects of the church service (and were even able to put together a children’s message for Resurrection Sunday). I am personally thankful for that; being involved in the ministry has helped me to keep some semblance of sanity during this craziness.
Beyond the stir-crazies, we have been doing well. God has been meeting all of our needs, and we are blessed beyond measure. Both Lena and baby are doing well; thank you for your prayers for them. Continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy.
Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to share. Since most churches are operating remotely, and with all of the uncertainty of when governors will actually let people back to church, many churches are not even keeping regular office hours, let alone scheduling new meetings. We are glad that most of our calendar is filled, but we are hoping to get a few local meetings for July. Pray that God would give us the opportunity to schedule them.
One more special announcements, though! Thank you to all of you who are praying for Lena’s residency application. Last week we received her advance parole document! Now we can schedule our survey trip, or at least we can once everything starts to settle down! Still, it is an answer to prayer. Please continue to pray for the remainder of the process, as this is only the first step (but a very positive one).