Day: January 31, 2020

Arizona and back

By Jon Stover on January 31, 2020 in Quick Update

Greetings praying friends and family,

Arizona! Land of cacti, deserts, mountains, snow (yes, snow), javelinas, and for a while us! We have greatly enjoyed our time out here, avoiding the January weather of the north. The brothers and sisters in Christ that we met were a great encouragement and blessing to us, and we pray we were to them also.
It was good to visit with some old friends and some new ones. I was able to reconnect with a college friend of mine, Lena got to meet up with one of her college suitemates, we got to spend some time with Pastor Shafer, and we were able to visit with the Richards while they were out here. God is truly good! It was also amazing to see how many people knew people that Lena knew. The connections in our world are small, especially in the family of God!
Our church visits went very well. We presented at six churches, and visited another two. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless those ministering for Christ in Arizona. Each one was a blessing to us, and thank you to all of you, but I would like to say a particular word of thanks to Bethel Baptist Church, which allowed us to use their trailer connections for the entire month. You all were such a blessing to us, beyond just the use of your property, and we pray that God will continue to lead you in the New year.
Of course, work continues while we are out here. More phone calls, more emails, and God blesses. We scheduled a couple of meetings for the this year, filling out some of our gaps; however, the summer is still relatively open. Please pray that we would be able to fill those gaps and have a more complete year. Also, our Wednesday nights are still on the slim side; please pray that we would be able to schedule more of them as well.
More good news: we had two churches take us on for support! We would like to welcome Forest Area Baptist Church of Marienville, PA and Calvary Baptist Church of Glen Burnie, MD to our supporters! Thank you so much for your concern for the need in Germany, and we pray God will bless you for your care to us.
We began the long travel back to our home base in Maryland today. The trip out was rough on Lena, so we are trying to take our time a little more on the way back. Pray that it would be less taxing on us both, and that God would protect us on our way. We expect to be able to give a good answer to that prayer shortly.
I suppose that is everything. I will post some pictures of our time out west this weekend.