Day: December 30, 2019

So it begins

By Jon Stover on December 30, 2019 in Quick Update

Greetings praying friends and family,

The first big trip is finally here! We’re headed out to Arizona for the month of January! This will be the first cross-country trip with the trailer. I’m still nervous towing it, but each trip helps me feel, if not more comfortable, at least more accustomed.
On top of that, it seems like every time we get ready to go on a trip, the check engine light decides it needs to turn on. However, after a quick check and some free advice (thank you, Autozone), we were able to get it taken care of (for now).
We made a few more contacts in December, but we would like to fill up the rest of our calendar. We don’t have a meeting Feb. 2nd and would like to fill that as soon as possible. We are also trying to get meetings for the Wednesdays that we are out in Arizona. We know that it is in God’s hands; without Him we can do nothing.
Some prayer requests:
For God to provide us the meetings that He desires
For safety as we go, and that the engine light would stay off!
For steadiness and peace of mind while I tow the trailer
For good traveling time
For God to raise our support quickly

We wish you all a happy New Year! May God bless you and yours with great success, and may all be done to glorify Christ!