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By Jon Stover on November 6, 2019 in Quick Update

It’s official! Stoverstogermany.com is up and running! It is obviously still a work in progress, as I am still sifting through the many, many options available to us. It is a little bit overwhelming, to be honest, but I’m sure God will give me the knowledge to figure everything out. I know it has been a while since our last update: I actually had one written for a while, but I was waiting to finish the website to actually post it, so there will be two weekly updates today, rather than one! Consider it my penance for being late with our updates, and my guarantee that it shall not happen again (guarantee not guaranteed).
We are back in Maryland after a very busy October, but God has been good and it has been a time of refreshing reunions. We have been safe throughout all of our travels, so that is an answer to prayer! At the close of my last update, we were at the BWM annual meeting. God was very gracious to allow us time to spend with the Mitchums, Lena’s adopted missionary parents. They were such a blessing to the both of us! Pray for them as they are headed back to Canada; their furlough had to be cut short, sadly, and they are still in need of support, but we trust God to show himself mighty!
The Sunday we returned, we had the opportunity to present locally at First Baptist Church in Deale, where the Boyds (whose family is good friends of ours) attend. It was nice to see familiar faces and spend some time getting to know Pastor Mayes and his wife.
We also were able to spend a week with our good friends Pastor David and Miss Tina Jett. It was a relaxing but cold time to be with them in the remote reaches of Marienville, PA and Forest Area Baptist Church. The fellowship there was wonderful, and I know Pastor Jett is excited at all the Lord will do there! We had the opportunity to visit with Pastor Don Pendley and see his vast and impressive Bible room. It was an astounding collection, and we were truly privileged to see it.
During the week we were able to swing over to Truth Baptist Church with Pastor Thompson in West Salem, OH, and encourage the brethren during the Wednesday night meeting! They are a wonderful bunch, and we pray that God will continue to use them.
Last Sunday we had the refreshing privilege to be at Anchor Baptist Church, where Torrey Snow, my beloved friend and brother in Christ, regularly attends. With all of the busy travels in October, we hadn’t had much time to spend with the Snows, and it was just a joy to be able to do so again.
I am a little over time, but hopefully we will be able to keep regular updates now that this major milestone is finished! Thank you as always for your prayers!

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