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Prelude to a Website

By Jon Stover on October 16, 2019 in Quick Update

EDIT: So, this was written in the middle of October, when I was hoping to have the website up and running, but fell into a little bit of a conundrum. Thankfully, the website is now up (it’s not perfect, but we’re working out the kinks), and instead of adding to this post and making a massive wall of text, I made it into two, slightly less-massive walls of text. Enjoy!

It is a novel experience to be on the road more than at home. No, I mean to literally be behind the wheel of a car for more hours in a week than I spend at home. It is something that I can’t say I fully anticipated. But, God is good; He has kept us safe over the many miles!
Our travels have taken us to Indiana, New York, Maryland, and Illinois since my last post. Thompson Road Baptist Church, Open Door Baptist Church, Odenton Baptist Church, and now First Baptist Church (although we are here for the Mission Board conference, not a mission conference of our own). We have met many faithful brethren, and have been encouraged by what God is doing in our country. Sometimes we lose sight of that, since we only get to see what God is doing in our own local church. Don’t lose heart, my brethren; God still has His remnant that hasn’t bowed the knee!
We have many more travels ahead of us this month; we are back in Maryland this Sunday, Ohio next Wednesday, and Pennsylvania the Sunday after. We have a fairly full schedule for October, but we have openings in November and December that we would like filled. Pray that God would help us get meetings for those dates.
My minute of time is about up, so let me finish by thanking you for praying for our refrigerator. It has been repaired, praise the Lord. We got it back just in time to leave it behind for about two weeks. Still, it is good that everything is working now. Thank you again for your prayers!